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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the technology work?

The Aērcase uses a combination of silver and activated carbon to make sure you never have to smell those cleats while in the bag. The first element of the technology, military grade activated carbon, absorbs all the smells and moisture within the bag. The second element, a 99.99%-pure silver plating, kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses when it comes in contact to make sure that the cause of the smells is not being spread. 


Does the aērcase remove the smell from my cleats? 

Most people report smell decreases within 24 to 48 hours of being in the bag. We can only guarantee odor control as odor varies depending on use, the person and other factors. We still recommend good cleat and foot hygiene, especially when not in active use. This means that as long as your shoes/shin guards are in the bag, you will not smell them.


Can I wash and dry the aērcase?

Yes! The aercase should be machine-washed on cold for one cycle. It should then be machine-dried on high for two consecutive cycles. The two consecutive cycles help to re-activate the carbon for the highest efficiency of re-use.


How long does my order take for delivery?

Shipping takes 2-7 business days within continental United States, and normally up to 10 business days for anywhere beyond that. Please reach out to us if you need a status update on your order.


What size shoe does the aercase fit?

The aercase should comfortably fit cleats and other low top athletic shoes up to size 12 in mens. However, our customers sometimes experience a snug fit at size 12. We recommend only up to size 10 for non-soccer cleat shoes. 


Is the aercase just for soccer cleats? 

We designed the aercase originally for soccer cleats, but it may be used for any other non-bulky, low top athletic shoes such as tennis shoes, volleyball shoes, and cycling shoes. Tennis shoes will normally be a snug fit beyond size 10.


Is the technology safe in contact with skin? 

Yes. Other than silver allergies, the technology of the aērcase is completely safe for humans and pets.


How do I reach out? 

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to write to us at or submit a form by clicking on our customer service link here Contact Us or below to submit a form. We normally reply within 2 business days.


How can I place a bulk order for our team or organization? 

Please reach out to us at for orders larger than 10 bags. We are always happy to work with teams or organizations who are looking to help their players live a fresh life. 


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