Aērcase Cleat Bag

Smell-Proof Technology

Don't just tolerate the odor

Block it

Smelly cleats spread bacteria, fungus, and decomposing biological matter.

Aērcase blocks smell, kills bacteria, and provides:

The world's freshest,
most advanced cleat bag.


Our Story

A letter from the CEO

Hello, and welcome to Salt.


We are soccer players with a passion for designing and making beautiful products that really work.


Our story begins when we were competing in soccer tournaments around the country. We became so frustrated with the smell of our cleats and shin guards stinking up every part of our lives, that we decided to definitively end that problem once and for all. After years of research and development, the Salt team is so excited to present our patented technology so you can enjoy life around the beautiful game, free from that disgusting cleat smell.




Rafael de la Vega

CEO Salt Athletic