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 Sport is lifegiving.

Smelly cleats are not.

We created the aercase so that you never have to smell those cleats again.

Our Patent Pending Tech that is double acting:

1. Kills Bacteria and Fungus


2. Absorbs Odors and microparticles


The interior of the Aercase is made with Silver and High Grade Activated Carbon.

Silver kills germs when it oxidizes and releases silver ions, which are lethal to bacteria and yeast.

Activated Carbon is like a sponge that captures vapors that cause odors and removes them from the air. 
The Aercase has a surface area of up to 2,000 square meters per gram of activated carbon in every bag.


The outside of the bag is made of high grade silicone coated ripstop with UV and abrasion resistance. In other words, this bag is made to last.

The self-sealing magnetic closure keeps your cleats secure and removes any hassle when taking them in or out of the bag. You never have to worry about a broken zipper or a clumsy drawstring every again.

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